The stuff of fly fishing videos.

This morning I was fishing before I had to go to work and I witnessed something that made my day.

I haven’t been fly fishing very long (about a year) so I am in NO WAY a pro, but every now and then the fly fishing gods shine down upon me and grant me a moment of professionalism.

I watch a lot of fly fishing videos on-line (it kind of annoys my wife, ALOT).  One thing I love to watch on all those videos is when a fish is hanging out in the current, feeding, and an anglers perfectly cast fly comes floating down stream and the fish moves into position and inhales the morsel.  In most of these videos this occures on streams or rivers.

I don’t have alot of experience fishing on streams and rivers, so I didn’t really expect to see this very same thing happen this morning, especially on a small neighborhood pond.  This little pond is fed by a small stream (man made, like the pond) where there are always fish feeding on in-coming goodies.  In the light of the nearby safety lights of the fishing pond park I was watching a good sized fish (about 16 in. long, a nice fish for this pond) hanging out in the current of the inlet feeding.  I watched him there for a couple minutes, then I thought to myself ‘I should try that perfect cast that I watch the pros do.’

As I said earlier, every now and the the fly fishing gods shine down upon me, and this was one of those times.  I watched my perfectly cast size 12 white wooly bugger (I know the pattern sounds a little bit different, but the pattern works great at this pond) a little upstream and to the side of the current dwelling fish.  I watched as I stripped in the line slowly and the wooly bugger came into the faster part of the current. I swung down stream, and as it did the current dwelling fish turned and I watched him swallow my fly.  I set the hook and after a good fight hauled in the nice 16 in. fish.  That was my first fish of the morning, I would have been perfectly happy if that was the only fish I caught, but I caught a couple more after that.

It was an awesome day.

FYI  Approximate temp: 27° F.  Fly used: a white Sz. 12 beadhead wooly bugger (I tied), 4 fish caught (4 trout).