Alot has happened scince my last post.

Wow, I can’t belive that two months has passed by.

I am still fly fishing, I still try to go out at least two times a week.

When we went to daylight savings time that kind of put a damper on my fishing after work.  Mostly because now, when I get off work it is already too dark to see anything.

So I have been going in the morning. Early in the morning, before I have to go to work.  I start work at 8:00, so I try to be at the lake by 5:30.  That gives me a solid two hours of fishing before work.  I find that whenever I catch a couple of fish before work, it just makes the day that much better.

Last week I had a good morning.  I set a new f.b.i.g.t.w record.  8 trout before 8:00.  Two were decent fish about 16 – 18 inches, The others were smaller, but still just as fun to catch.037

035Above are the two best of the day,

FYI  Approximate temp: 28° F.  Flies used: an olive Sz. 12 Forget-me-knot midge (Not my pattern, but I tied it), 8 fish caught (8 trout).

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