My son’s first fish on a fly rod.

My son has recently taken an interest in tying flies.  I have helped him tie a coupe of simple patterns and he is getting pretty good.  Especially considering the kid is only 6 years old.  015Here is his first fly, a Sz. 8 black wooly bugger.

His interest in tying flies has naturally led him to an increased interest in fly fishing.  He has gone with me before, but Saturday was the first time he asked if we could go fly fishing.

How can I refuse a request like that?

I had to help him cast, but he did the rest all on his own and he ended up landed this…


The kid is awesome!  Look at that cheeser!  He was soo excited (I think I was just as excited).  It is a good thing we were the only ones there because I must have looked pretty funny jumping up and down while clearing him on as he hauled it in.  He hooked two more after that but, they got of just before he got them to shore.

Oh, I almost forgot the best part.  He tied the fly he caught those fish on that day,

I think he is hooked.  He has caught fish before using conventional tackle, but as we all know it is so mush better catching them on a fly rod.

(I hope Santa brings him a fly rod)

FYI  Approximate temp: 60° F.  Fly used: a black Sz. 12 Forget-me-knot midge (Not my pattern but one my son tied), 1 fish caught (1 trout, 2 more got off).

P.S. The Forget-me-knot midge pattern that I keep mentioning is an awesome pattern from Tightline Productions and can be found here,


Alot has happened scince my last post.

Wow, I can’t belive that two months has passed by.

I am still fly fishing, I still try to go out at least two times a week.

When we went to daylight savings time that kind of put a damper on my fishing after work.  Mostly because now, when I get off work it is already too dark to see anything.

So I have been going in the morning. Early in the morning, before I have to go to work.  I start work at 8:00, so I try to be at the lake by 5:30.  That gives me a solid two hours of fishing before work.  I find that whenever I catch a couple of fish before work, it just makes the day that much better.

Last week I had a good morning.  I set a new f.b.i.g.t.w record.  8 trout before 8:00.  Two were decent fish about 16 – 18 inches, The others were smaller, but still just as fun to catch.037

035Above are the two best of the day,

FYI  Approximate temp: 28° F.  Flies used: an olive Sz. 12 Forget-me-knot midge (Not my pattern, but I tied it), 8 fish caught (8 trout).

Nymphing for goldfish.

For my friend in Nebraska and anyone else who might care.

I was a little suprised myself, but gold fish can be cought on a fly.  They were pretty fun.

007 008

FYI  Fly used: a olive Sz. 16 Forget-me-knot midge (not my pattern, but one I tied), 8 fish caught (goldfish).