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Rules of the nomination:

-Thank the blogger that nominated you

-Post 7 Unknown Facts About Yourself

-Nominate 15 other bloggers

I was nominated by fliesovernebraska.  This guy is funny and is as passionate about fly fishing as I am.  I would like to fish with this guy and if I ever make it out to Nebraska or if he comes to Utah.

The 7 unknown facts about myself.

1.  I don’t have a facebook account.  Call me old fashion, but I can’t stand it.

2.  I also don’t text message.  I had it completely blocked from my phone, I can’t send ’em and I don’t receive ’em (again call me old-fashioned).

3.  I don’t have cable or satellite tv, I haven’t for years (again old-fashioned).

4.  I have never golfed, I hate it and I think it is a stupid sport.  I think golf courses are a waste of a perfectly good shooting range.

5.  I like guns.  God bless the second amendment.

6.  I like to hunt.

7.  I am a registered republican, conservative (big surprise, right).

There you have it, a little about me (maybe a little more than you wanted to know).  Take it or leave it that is who I am.

As far as the nominating 15 other blogs goes, I  haven’t been blogging long, and only follow one blog fliesovernebraska, and he has already been nominated, so my nominations will have to come at a later time.

Thanks again.


Hare·lip trout.

This is no joke.  I cought a trout with a hare-lip, or cleft lip.

My dad said that I shouldn’t have returned his retarted genes to the pool, but I did.  He didn’t seem to have any trouble trying to eat ny fly.  I don’t like to think of him as handicapped (besides fish don’t have hands) I like to think of him as handicapable.

Who knows maybe I will go back someday and catch a bunch of little hare-lip trout.

Three of a kind.

This past weekend we had to make a trip back to my home town, for my brother-in-laws wedding.  My wife and I our both from the same little town and both of our parents still live there, so any time we get to go back is a good time.  The wedding was nice but, I don’t write about weddings.

I write about fishing…

I was able to take my fly gear and my wife was nice enough not to throw a big fit when I told her I wanted to go fishing Saturday morning, so I was nice enough to tell her ‘thank you’ and that I would come back by noon, in order to help with the kids and get ready for the wedding that night.

Because my wife doesn’t care how early I leave to go fishing in the morning, I took advantage of the situation and was out-of-town by about 5:00 am.  That put me on the water at about 5:30 am, just before the sun came up, it was perfect timing.

I went to a little known spot that my brother and I recently discovered.  When I got there I was the only one there, but not many people around here get up that early to fish, so I wasn’t surprised.  It turns out that I would have the lake all to myself the whole time I was there, I love that and it doesn’t happen very often, and that did surprise me.

I decided to go to this lake because I knew it had warm water fish, bass and bluegill, and I knew it would be warm.  I also didn’t have very mush time and it was close.

I started with what had worked last time I fished this lake with my brother, a woolly bugger, Sz. 8 black conehead to be exact, it served me well I caught several bass and a couple of trout.  Last time my brother and I were at this lake we had caught some nice trout, but it was warmer since then and I thought that the trout would be hunkered down in deeper, cooler water, so it was a pleasant surprise when I caught my first trout of the day.


later tied on a Sz. 16 olive hares ear nymph about two feet below a strike indicator that I would end up using the rest of the day.  That setup has worked well in the past and I was noticing fish just breaking the surface in the shallows and everything that I have read and seen says that points to fish feeding on nymphs.

Up to this point the fishing was good, and if it had stayed that way I would not have complained and it would have been a great day, but it was better than a great day it an awesome day.

After I tied on the hares ear nymph the action on the water got a lot faster.  It seamed almost every single time I was casting I was coming back with something wiggling on the end of my line.  It got to the point where I started counting… four casts, and four fish, then one or two casts went empty-handed but, without fail the next couple were productive.  The best part was I never knew what I was going to catch, bass, bluegill, or trout, all from the same spot all on the same fly.  The bass were a little on the small side, but still fun.  The trout were all nice sized, not very many smaller the about 14 inches.  The bluegill, they were huge, the biggest one I caught I estimated at about 8 to 9 inches long and as big as my hand spread out.  By far the biggest bluegill I have ever caught.

I couldn’t have asked for a better day, and (as hard as it was for me to tear myself away from such great fishing) I made it back into town by noon.

FYI  Approximate temp: 90-100° F.  Flies used: a black Sz. 8 conehead wooly bugger (I tied), 8 fish caught (5 bass, 3 trout).  Sz. 16 olive hares ear nymph (I tied), I lost count (bass, bluegill, and trout).