Quallity gear.

When I first got into fly fishing I had some money and gift cards saved up from christmas presents.  So when I purchased my fly rod and reel package from my local Sportsman Warehouse I was able to spend a little bit of money and buy decent equipment.  I purchased the Redington Crosswater 2 piece 7′-6″ 4 weight rod and reel package, retail price $120 (not a lot by fly fishing standards, but I was new to fly fishing).  I purchased this package on the recommendation of the staff member in the fishing department.  He said it would be a good quality starter package.  He was right.  I have loved this rod and reel.  The reel is well made and smooth as well as the rod and has an action that was great to learn on.

A while back I broke my fly rod.  It was a stupid mistake, all my fault.  I sat it down when I was untangling my fly line and when I did I leaned on it and it was between my body and a hard spot.

I went out and bought a cheaper fly rod because I can’t afford a good one and because I couldn’t be without a fly rod for more than a day.

I did some research and called Redington, the manufacture of the rod I broke, The rod I broke is a two piece rod so I was hoping to be able to purchase the broken tip section from Redington.

When I was speaking to a gentleman from the warranty department he informed me that they would repair it and it was covered under the warranty.

“But, it was my fault, my mistake, and I am willing to purchase a new tip section” I told him.

“As long as you didn’t do it on purpose we will fix it” he said.

I was so excited!  I would get my rod back, and all I had to do was fill out a warranty information sheet and ship it in.

I sent it in on a Friday and a week later they contacted me and informed me that I should be getting my rod back within the next day or two.  I received my rod back on Tuesday of this week and it was like Christmas.

Redington ended up giving me a whole new rod, I know because it had new tags on it and came with a rod bag that my original set didn’t have.

I have to hand it to Redington, they make quality equipment at an affordable price and have an awesome warranty, and they stand by their product.  I total was not expecting to have a rod that I accidentally broke replaced, but I was glad they did.  I would highly recommend Redington for anyone looking to get started in fly fishing.  There website it is a great resource, and has lots of help for beginners.

I will defiantly purchase Redington equipment in the future.

It’s good to know that there are still a companys that stand by their products.

Thanks Redington.

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  1. I fish a Reddington Crosswater Combo too and I love it… mine is the 9′ 5 wt. Good to know that they have good service! The only problem I have ever had with mine is a stepped on my fly line will fishing off a dam, and it got cut between a couple sharp rocks… I ordered another one through Cabela’s, and now I think it casts better then ever!

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