I love it when I make something and it works the way it should.

It is warm where I live. . . really warm.  That means that fly fishing for trout is tough.  Up till now I have mostly fished for trout, but I have been trying to expand my repertoire.  There are a couple of places close by to fish for bluegill and bass, they don’t seem to mind the heat as much as trout. Since I can’t just stop fishing until things get a little cooler around here, I have been trying to fish more bass and bluegill.  That is why I tried my hand at making poppers. For those of you who don’t speak fisherman, poppers are a type of lure. They float on the surface of the water and have an angled face to them that make them pop when pulled along the surface of the water.

I have not been tying flies very long, but I have tied a couple of different patterns and have even caught fish on some of them.  Poppers aren’t exactly flies though, they are designed to pop along the surface of the water, so when I made my poppers I wasn’t even sure if mine would work like they are supposed to.  I wasn’t sure they would even pop.

I ended up making three different poppers, a green one, a black one, and a white one.  They took quite a bit longer to tie, all three took me two days to finish. They are made out of wood that requires cutting, shaping, sanding, painting, and gluing, and when I was done I had poppers that looked like all the other poppers that I had seen, but like I said, I wasn’t sure they would pop.

I got to try them out this morning before work, and it turns out they popped, and popped pretty well.  I caught 5 bass before I had to go to work.  I was able to try out all three and the only one I didn’t catch anything on was the white one, but I think that was just because I ran out of time.  My black popper snapped off in a fishes mouth, (that one worked so well too) but, other than that it was a great couple of hours,.

FYI  Approximate temp: 70° F.  Fly used: a green, black and white popper (I tied) Sz. 8.  5 fish caught.

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